I recently joined Betty Ann’s group of 12 bankers on a 14 day elimination detox cleanse.   Some of us were 100% pure in the challenge and others (like me) were close to perfection but deviated just a bit off the plan.   All of us succeeded in embracing a healthier lifestyle.   For me, it wasn’t so much about the challenge as it was about the experience and the awakening.   It was not difficult.   It was actually fun to experiment with new foods that I previously thought would taste ‘icky’. Even though the detox was not about weight loss, it was a positive consequence of a healthy diet.  I lost 7 pounds.   My blood pressure is 122 / 70.   For the past 3 years I have been battling really high blood pressure and have refused medication.   I kept saying – “I’ll fix it with diet and exercise”.   Looks like the latter worked.  I love chocolate almond milk; over ice – it beats a brownie!!!   I can’t make the tahini salad dressing fast enough.  I couldn’t pronounce quinoa a few weeks ago; now I prefer quinoa pasta over regular pasta.   The list goes on…..My energy level is up and I feel great.   For years I’ve been wanting to sign up at a gym.   I joined Life Time Athletic last nightI’m on my way! This is a permanent lifestyle change and, again, it was not difficult.   Thank you Betty Ann for getting me on track for a healthier life!!!


Pam Werner

Point Pleasant, NJ