Curative Coaching Course Overviews

Coaching sessions, which are for a minimum of 6 months, can be done in a group setting or one-on-one.  We will meet twice per month to keep you inspired while we discuss your goals, progress and recommendations.  Each session will last 50 minutes for one-on-one and 75-90 minutes for groups. 

Each session will include a topic of the day and you will receive a variety of handouts, recipes, giveaways, special guest lectures and email support between sessions. All course sessions are subject to change as they are driven by the group’s needs and dynamics for each day. 

Curative Coaching for Weight Loss

Are you tired of looking at the 40 suits in your closet that no longer fit?  Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  If you are looking to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds or want to improve your energy and overall health this is the course for you.  Change your life by making the necessary lifestyle changes.

Curative Coaching for GERD

If you’ve been on Prilosec or TUMS for years, this is the program for you.  Prevent further damage to your esophagus by healing your lower esophageal sphincter naturally. In this six-month program you will learn the GERD protocol and what your triggers are.

Pre-Tax Season Curative Health Coaching for Accountants

If you’ve been putting on weight year after year during tax season because you’re eating the food your company brings in and not taking care of yourself - it's time to take control.  This six-month program will prepare you from October through December and then stay with you through March to keep you on track.  There is an option to continue on for another two months through the end of tax season for the same monthly rate.